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Well, since I am retired, I have a good deal more time to think about things without my attention drifting to what I have to have done to be prepared for work tomorrow.   Perhaps I’ll just use this page for sharing my recent thoughts on a variety of subjects.

The immensity of our Universe (Hubble Ultra Deep Field image)


As you may have noticed, our site has a page dedicated to Astronomy.  I find it fascinating to observe faint and far away galaxies and stars.  But how big really is our Universe home?  Scientists have come up with answer which if true is almost beyond the human mind to grasp.  Current thought places the size of the observable universe at about 93 billion light years across!

Above is an updated Hubble deep field image.  Look at it carefully, because this picture represents one 24-millionth of the entire sky we can see from Earth!  There are more than 10,000 galaxies in this image.  Let that sink in for a moment, and it only accounts for one 24-millionth of our visible Universe! It’s beautiful too.

It is one of the reasons of when I observe the Whirlpool Galaxy, I sit fascinated knowing that the photons which allowed me to see it, have been traveling in free space for about 25 million years, some of that image I am seeing may no longer even exist, stars going Nova mean that a few in that image are gone.  But we won’t know for millions of years!  Here is an image of the Whirlpool Galaxy, also known as M51.









That said, there are billions of stars in many Galaxies, and billions of Galaxies.  We live in a very large Universe, and I am filled with awe everytime I consider the size of it.  If you have ever considered these things, feel free to leave a comment below, I’ll enjoy hearing from you, though I suspect only my friends and families will ever discover my little Web site.  Your comment won’t be available immediately, there are some who would post porn or other nonsense here, so I read and approve each to keep that from happening.  Click for more Hubble Images


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  1. Hi Troy,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve had similar thoughts too. When you think about it in terms of time, it makes you wonder that if we’ve advanced to this level of technology in our own timeline and assuming other intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe, would it be logical to assume that if their civilizations are much older, are they also much more technologically advanced? I know that’s a lot of what-if’s thrown into one sentence, but assuming the size of the Universe being what it is, I’m left wondering that if other intelligent exists have they overcome the distance/time barriers we face with time travel? I didn’t mean to take the conversation into the realm of extraterrestrial life but to me the purpose of space exploration, like every other type of exploration, is to seek out new civilizations. What are your thoughts?

  2. An interesting question in its own right Joey. I read a book decades ago called “Intelligent Life in the Universe”. All I remember about the author is that he was a Russian. He was convinced that other life wasn’t just a possibility, but a fact. He used some simple math to expound on his assertion. Due to the way we currently understand the evolution of the Universe, and the numbers of planets we surmise, I would say that we would be mighty self centered to believe we are alone in this vast place. I am always surprised when those who don’t believe in God mock those who do about the age of the Earth, and Universe. As if the Creator of everything wouldn’t be able to manipulate time as easily as you and I turn on a light switch to have light, or darkness. I also believe that in our arrogance, we presume we know much more about our Universe than we actually do. After all, consider the mind which could create all we see and know, and totally control the rules of physics required for its creation. We know of at least one being which isn’t limited by Space Time. For certain, at least one being knows how to totally manipulate Time & Space. I call that being God.

    1. I enjoy your perspective Troy. John L. passed your website URL along to me. Much like you I enjoy time on my small farm. Unfortunately, I can’t convince my city wife to move to the country for low taxes, low crime, and the peaceful solitude out there! When I do get to the farm, I often go deer hunting or hiking and sit in the woods relaxing and soaking in the beautiful creation around me. Like you, at night I look up to the heavens and am amazed at the vast universe. I can’t comprehend how large to universe is. I often wonder where does it end. In my small mind, I expect that the universe must end somewhere. What’s beyond that? I expect that someday when I meet my creator, I will know those answers. What a glorious time that will be!

      1. Hi Todd, this was a pleasant surprise! I shared with Lafferty, and told him to pass along to any who might remember me. Hard for me to believe I’ve been gone almost 3 years now. I don’t miss work, only the people. Yes, we live in a large place, and like you, I hope to have some answers someday. Time will tell, as a gentleman I worked with years ago at Control Data used to tell me, I’ve reached the stage where I’m studying for my finals! I don’t know how often I’ll get back here, for an upgrade, nor have I decided that I’ll never post something political in nature which I feel is important. For right now, I’m just going to call this a scratch area for whatever I want to yack about. It was nice hearing from you, feel free to stop by again. Take care of yourself!

  3. Hi Troy!

    I love your new website. It has beautiful pictures and great information. I have always said that Southern Missouri has the most wonderful night skies for star gazing. Keep up the great work. I will look forward to dropping by your website again for more information on the galaxies, planets and stars that light up our sky…..

    Happy Trails!

    1. Very nice of you to let me know Janis. I appreciate your feedback. I’ll be changing, and if I get my camera, some of the pictures will be mine. Thank you for taking the time to have a look at it. Enjoy the day, and don’t eat too much of that Chocolate. The Candy companies love Valentines Day.

  4. Greetings Troy!

    My husband and I noticed a large, bright star to the left of the beautiful full moon over the weekend. We are wondering if it was a planet or just a big bright star? I know you will know this as you are the “Star Gazing Guru”. Hope you and Betty are having a beautiful week!

    Happy Trails!
    Janis McCormack

  5. Greetings Troy!

    My husband and I noticed a large, bright star to the left of the beautiful full moon over the weekend. We are wondering if it was a planet or just a big bright star? I know you will know this as you are the “Star Gazing Guru”. Hope you and Betty are having a beautiful week!

    Best Wishes
    Janis McCormack

    1. Hi Janis, I didn’t catch this till today. My assumption, and it might be wrong was that it was early morning, and if so it would have been the planet Jupiter. That said, there was a bright star to the right of the moon too. That would have been Spica. Happy to look it up, but I no longer have the system notifying me of new posts, so I didn’t see this till today the 5th. If you want me to check something out, it helps if you tell the the Date, approximate time, and approximate direction, ie. N NE E SE etc. That will allow me to quickly see what you are asking about.

  6. Hi Troy,

    Just read Dr. Minzey’s thoughts on the Civil War. He makes such good sense. I’m afraid he is probably right, but it’s scary seeing it in black & white. I’m glad I’m old! LOL!

    Best Wishes,

    1. Thank you Janis, it is a good article, far to close to where we are at this point in time. That said, did you find the pictures of the Moon? Have a good day my friend.

  7. Greetings Troy!

    The moon is amazing as well as spectacular! Thank you for all your posts of which I have learned a bunch.

    Good thoughts to you and Betty!

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