Today’s World

America’s Veterans

The most humble American Citizen has more rights and opportunity than the other 95% of the people living today. Yet, the population of United States is only about 5% of the World’s population.

How did such a small number, five percent, manage to have such a huge impact on the world? In large part, it is because we live in a free society in which each individual is allowed the chance to become wildly successful. Note that I said “Allowed the chance”, there are no guarantees how successful we will become, that is up to each individual. In many countries around the world, people don’t have this advantage.

They are constrained by cultures and or Governments which don’t allow the individual to become successful by their own hard work, choices, and luck, barriers are much more prevalent in these countries. If you are born to a certain socioeconomic class, you will likely live your life in that class. In America, the choices we make, how hard we work, and luck determine how successful we will be in life, more so than these other countries.

So…what do Veterans have to do with our Freedoms and our Nation? From the beginnings of our Nation to the present day, Veterans have defended our way of life. They defend the Constitution and insure our Bill of Rights will continue to exist. Our Nation wouldn’t be intact today without the men and women we call Veterans.

Our Freedom isn’t free, it has been paid for by the lives, and blood of our Military since our Nation was formed. As you know there is sacrifice involved, be it time away from home and family, be it a terrible crippling injury, or the ultimate sacrifice of laying down your own life for your brothers and sisters on the battlefield.

Service in our Military is something to be proud of. There are many reasons people join our Military, everything from learning a trade for their future, to wanting to do in real life what they’ve seen in the movies, to love for our Nation and Flag. Make no mistake, when you join the Military you are giving your oath to go where ordered, and take the risks that Service involves, up to the point of laying down your life for the good of our Nation. All Vets have taken this risk, and because they have, we have a safe and prosperous Nation. Veterans are American citizens just like you, and want you to have the opportunity and happiness of a life well lived in America, where we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights to protect all citizens. Service is a serious undertaking, but I highly recommend Serving our country. In 2010 only about 1% of our population was active duty Military, that number might surprise you, but they are the only thing which stands between you and an aggressor nation who would like to rule or destroy our country. They’re always ready to defend our Nation. Always!