Today’s World

Memorial Day, a time to remember our fallen.

Memorial Day 2020

We gather here today to honor those who gave their lives for our Nation, and our way of life. Many Americans don’t realize that our Nation has had men and women on the battlefield continuously since the Korean War.

This expenditure of American lives and treasure continues today with our Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard scattered across the globe in places like the Middle East, Afghanistan, Somalia, and as yet unknown areas of operations. Our Government has become far too good at hiding the truth from its citizens, and as many of us here know, you don’t have to be in an active hot zone to lose your life serving our Country.

A quick summary of the cost in lives of these conflicts looks like this:

Well over 600,000 men and women have given their lives in defense of our Nation in the last 100 years or so. No matter how you look at this number, it is huge. Consider that the average size of an American City is about 30,000. That 641,162 number represents about 21 average American cities. Take a moment and think about the number of American who were never born because of the lives which were sacrificed for the good of our Nation.

Sadly that number rises daily due to about 22 Veteran’s who survived the battlefield taking their own lives after coming home. A terribly costly thing these endless wars, both to the individual who sacrifices, and those they leave behind. Lives shattered, and families who pay an ongoing price. A cynic would ask “Is it worth it?” Those who gave everything knew the answer to that question, but many today aren’t sure.

Yesterday’s America

Generally speaking, Americans were strong believers in being self sufficient, and self reliant. We believed that our Nation was a shining light upon a hill which was a beacon to all who loved liberty, and the chance to pursue the things which make them happy and complete, and to better themselves from a financial and security standpoint. We were for the most part, all Americans first no matter where our ancestors came from, and we were proud to be Americans. Not everyone, but the majority felt this way. We worked and were willing to earn our own way. We were more or less the United States. Even our currency stated “In God We Trust”, and for the most part we all did. We looked at the World in a very similar way. We could look at our neighbors and know that we had similar views about our country. We could see the progress which had been made over the course of our lifetimes. We knew things were getting better for all of our fellow citizens, in every way. Then things changed….

America Today

Americans all over our Nation have rediscovered many things in the past 8 years, things our ancestors grew up knowing. Perhaps we have done a poor job raising our children, allowing the State to mandate what they learn, and what’s important for them to know. I don’t believe that our fallen would approve of what we’ve become. By and large, we are no longer are the type of American that our forefathers would approve of, or in many cases even recognize.

In our nation today, we see about half of our citizenry who only care about themselves, and what they can gain from our nation. Patriotism is something which many claim to possess, but in actuality only do so for show several times each year. Since children learn their values from their parents in almost every case the problem becomes worse with each new generation.

We’ve created 2 or 3 generations of folks who think that the things they hold dear are the only things which matter. For far too many this means Sports, Alcohol, Drugs, and self gratification. TV personalities are idolized, while the hard working people are more or less ignored. This virus epidemic has shown conclusively that we “Are in this together”.

We’ve created a huge, and growing group of people who believe that the Government’s job is to take care of them, and their problems. Consequently they expect the State to be their problem solver, and whine when they don’t get their way.

We’ve allowed 10s of millions of illegal aliens to invade our nation creating a group of people which the American citizen is forced to support. The American citizen is forced to support these illegals through Government action, and through personal inaction. We’ve allowed ourselves to become a real Nation of Sheep who meekly allow our Government to give away the futures of our own children. Now we battle each other on removing God from our Schools, Money, and Society. No, our forefathers wouldn’t know us as Americans.

Our Fallen

We gather today to honor those who went to war on the behalf of our Nation, and lost their lives in doing so. They all knew the risks, some went willingly, and others went as draftees. There was a period in our history when it was an awful fate to be turned down for Military service. Regardless, America has always had enough believers to support our Military missions.

You’ll note that I avoided mentioning military involvements prior to WWI. This was intentional, and heroes lost in those conflicts deserve recognition for their sacrifices as do those lost since. It is was important to discuss the most recent events because we all probably know someone, or had a relative who served in these conflicts. Everyone standing here owes a debt to those who have died in our Nation’s conflicts. We should feel a sense of obligation to all those men and women, but today many of our citizens barely think of them. Consider what our country would look like today had we not defeated those who brought war to our nation. Even with our current problems, we have the freedoms and rights our Constitution provides to us. America would have been gone decades ago were it not for the brave men and women who sacrificed all for our Nation.

Look around you. Look at our Nation today. We coddle the slothful, the drug dealers, criminals, and illegals. We glorify the rich and famous. We allow our own children’s futures to be stolen by our lack of attention and inaction. In short, far too many of us have allowed, and even encouraged our Government, the Government tasked with preserving our Constitution and Nation, to seize the people’s rights and power. We citizens have been poor caretakers of the rights bequeathed to us by those who died in defense of our country. Through citizen inaction, our poor choice of elected representatives, and our focus on ourselves, we’ve allowed a large part of America to be taken away from us. Why are illegal criminals coddled by the Government while some American elderly struggle, while some children go to bed hungry?

The fallen, the ones we are here to honor today probably wouldn’t recognize us as Americans, and probably wouldn’t think much of us. In my opinion, they’d be right in their judgement, but that’s just my opinion.

There is a debt we owe, and we as citizens need to be better stewards of the gifts and legacy which were handed down to us by our fallen Veterans. We need to be more concerned with what our elected representatives are doing in Washington D.C., we need to take back our Nation and apply our hard earned resources to our Nation and people. Being the Sugar Daddy to the rest of the World only weakens that which we hold dear. Consider the laws being passed by our Government’s, Local, State, and Federal. Look and think carefully about what they mean not just for you, but what it means to our Nation. We need to be better stewards!

If we are up to the challenge, then we will begin to restore our Nation to one which takes care of its citizens FIRST! If we don’t act, we will lose our homeland to the whims of the rich and powerful, who only seek to increase their own wealth and control of events around the world. The choice is ours, where do you stand?


We appear to be at a turning point in our Nation’s history. Those we honor today were heroic in their actions and sacrifices. No matter how we living choose to move forward, the sacrifices of these men and women should never be forgotten, and should always be honored. They gave each of us a homeland where we could thrive, and be fruitful. A homeland which allows any hardworking honest person to live a good life. Our lives are built on the foundation which these men and women paid dearly for. Honor them, and never forget them, consider their sacrifice often, especially when you exercise your citizen’s right to vote on the course of our Nation. By doing this, you will honor the price they paid.

These heroes fought their battle, and whether or not they’ve won is entirely up to you and the generations who follow us. There is only one virus we citizens need to worry about, and it isn’t the one receiving all the News coverage. It is one which causes apathy to spread throughout the ranks of we citizens.

The cost was terrible, but I’d like to end this ceremony with a quote which has always provided me some comfort.

It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.”

George S. Patton

Thank God!

And may he continue to Bless America.