Thank’s for visiting with us. This site is a work in progress, I began building it on 1/27/2018.

In it we’ll share some pictures of life here on the little farm, and some places or people who are part of our lives.

We live in Willow Springs, Missouri on a small farm of about 20 acres. We have pasture, woods, and about a 5 acre lawn for me to mow weekly if we get rain.

It is nice living in the country, we are about 6 miles out of the town. Our place is about 1 mile off the asphalt road, so there is a mile of gravel road to screw up paint jobs, slide around in when it’s really been raining, and coat the bottom of our vehicles with clay when it’s really soupy.

That said, it is nice being out away from the hustle and bustle of the world. If 6 cars pass the house on a given day, we consider it busy.

You can contact us at: tgalebach@tgalebachmo.net

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