Today’s World

Three months of mayhem

Perhaps we as a Nation have become too kind to people who don’t deserve kindness. Major cities with rioting, murders, beatings, burnings and civil disruptions are in trouble. Assume for a moment that 10% of these rioters are firm believers in what they do; that doesn’t make them right, nor does it take into account the 90% of their fellow citizens who now live in fear of that same mob . Those 90% are having their right to safety and security canceled by mobs.

So why do these mobs seem to be free of prosecution for their crimes? Most never are arrested, and those that are arrested are released in most cases without bail. Very few have been held, and then only for the most severe crimes. To make matters even more confusing, there are verified incidents where the leaders of the troublemakers are driving or flying from city to city to spread unrest.

I don’t believe in coincidences, and logic dictates that the acts of Congress, Mainstream News Media, and childish Hillary voters for the last 3+ years have incited this state of affairs. Anyone who believes differently needs to replay the last 4 years. FBI, CIA, NSA, and what other Government agencies have been used to unseat a duly elected President? Like the man or not, he was elected by our laws, by our citizens! Republican or Democrat none of us should start down the slippery slope of rejecting a valid election. Yet those who should care the most are sitting in Washington DC. Not a good example for any of us.

I see that slope coming though, who of you would put $5,000 of their savings in an envelope and mail it to themselves via the Post Office Mail? I sure wouldn’t, things get lost, delivered to the wrong address, and thrown away in the mail. You probably would get your money back, but I’ll bet none of us would feel comfortable waiting for its arrival. Yet, there is a huge push for mail-in voting, due of course to the virus. Yes, and if you believe that one, I’d like to talk to you about some great land I have to sell, it’s a steal, and that is exactly why the mail-in vote is fraught with danger. No matter who wins, the other side will contest it; don’t believe me, wake up! Even worse, the election could actually be stolen.

I ask that you consider my thoughts here. Republican or Democrat, we have seen the rot in our State & Federal Government. After all, the further the distance between we citizens and our Government, the more likely criminal or unethical acts will happen within that Government.

Take a look at the rioting, burning, and looting. If you don’t believe there are people pulling strings to foment this strife, then please don’t vote this election cycle because you haven’t been paying attention.