Today’s World

June 10, 2021

Have you noticed how gas prices have risen at the pump? Thank Biden for the Keystone Pipeline shutdown. No doubt we will see further gas price increases. Have you noticed that a trip to the grocery store is costing more these days? When the price of fuel goes up, the price of everything goes up. Everything will cost the consumer more because the fuel needed to transport everything costs more. We have gone from being self sufficient oil producers to having to import oil from foreign nations. Once again we will be at the mercy of the countries we import oil from, probably Iran. It will likely get worse as Biden is also stopping all drilling and exploration on Government lands. This attack on energy will cost every citizen more for everything they buy. This disastrous policy weakens the National Security of our Nation, but this isn’t the only stupid policy which weakens our Security.

The Biden Administration’s welcome mat has encouraged about 300,000 illegals to enter our country each month since he took office. This invasion isn’t slowing down. As an example, in April alone, 178,622 illegals were caught, but well over 150K (estimated) entered the country undetected. We don’t know who they are and what their intent might be. Our tax dollars are being used to support these criminals. They get housing, food, medical, and education. Additionally many are being put up in hotels around our country. We pay for these criminals to live better than we do, published data from multiple sources estimate about $60 Million dollars per week! This will be ongoing till such time as the border invasion is stopped, but Biden and his Administration are against stopping it. If this continues for a 12 month period we will have about 3.6 million total that we have to support. This while we have homeless Veterans and citizens.

Another Border related National Security threat is one of Muslim terrorists coming into the Nation. The Administration admits that Border Patrol agents arrested two Yemeni nationals who illegally crossed the border into the U.S. in the past two months. Border Patrol Agents identified both men as being on the FBI’s Terrorism Watch List and the No-Fly list. How many terrorists will successfully sneak into our country? It’s certain others are already here.

Three big issues

  • Having to import oil, everything will cost more, and it’s a National Security Risk
  • Invasion of Illegals, about 3.6 million this year without drastic change
  • Open borders is another National Security Risk

Our current National Debt is about $28 trillion or about $85,500 per every person in America. Some day, your kids or grandkids will have to pay this back. That will make it impossible to live the American Dream. It’s time to fire those who continue to vote for these deficit budgets and stupid policies that hurt America and Americans!