Today’s World


Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter to you in hopes that your readers are prepared for what is to come. I know it sounds far fetched, and I’ll be ridiculed by some for my views. That’s okay because I’d rather wake 1 person up from their delusions than allow this destruction of America to continue.

Our Govt has sent over $50 billion dollars to Ukraine. They are sending them weapons, and support staff. Now I see they want to send them our best and capable Fighter Aircraft. This isn’t good for you, your kids or grand kids. Wake up! This stupidity moves us closer to a Nuclear War.

Our Govt has stopped oil exploration and drilling in America, we’ve gone from energy independence to having to import oil from Governments who are our enemies. Yet you sit quietly, and just pay the increased prices at the pumps. Wait till winter when we will be paying much more for Natural Gas, Propane, and Heating oil. This while our Govt has shipped 5 million of barrels of oil from our strategic petroleum reserves to Asia last month; (this will continue every month till Congress grows a spine). You can read Asia as China, you won’t be far from being right.

Our Govt, the DOJ and FBI in particular have become America’s KGB. They’ve had Hunter Biden’s laptop for 2 years, and have ignored the emails which tie Joe Biden to Hunter’s shady business deals with Ukraine and China. They’ve ignored the videos of Hunter having sex with children, doing drugs with prostitutes, and child porn. Meanwhile they’ve ignored the lies from certain folks in Congress about then President Trump’s involvement with Russia, there was no collusion, it was all made up by Democrats, and was a blatant attempt to destroy President Trump. The DOJ and FBI have done nothing about that. Meanwhile the DOJ is holding the January 6th detainees in prison. Some have been there over 400 days for trespassing! No speedy trial for these folks. Killers in America often get out on bail within a few days. Face it, the DOJ and FBI are weapons of the Democrat party. There is no justice in either Department, they only go after people who are considered political enemies of the Democrat Party.

Are you prepared for a food shortage? There have been over 100 food processing plants in the U.S. which have been destroyed (mostly by fire) since early 2022. It isn’t just happening here, it’s happening in other countries around the world as well. This isn’t a coincidence and you don’t see much press coverage on it. Recently there have been short announcements on 1,000s of cattle and hogs dying, from heat. At this rate, President Biden’s warning about a coming food shortage seems almost prophetic, wouldn’t you agree?

Have you noticed all the price increases in just about everything you purchase? The Biden Administration decision to halt oil exploration and leases in America raised the price of oil and diesel at the pump. Who do you think will pay for those increases? You will, and are. When you couple that with the Fed printing billions more dollars, we have an inflation problem. Not the Govt mind you, but each and every taxpayer. That lessens everyone’s financial security. Prices will continue to rise, and we all pay for it. Because the Govt prints more money than we have, and Congress gleefully spends it. They like it because they don’t have to vote for a tax increase…just keep spending more money we don’t have. Are you aware that each taxpayer owes about $240,000 dollars? If we don’t pay it off, then our kids and grand kids will assume that debt. It grows all the time.

Our Southern Border is to all intents and purposes wide open to illegal alien criminals. Over 2 million illegals have entered since the beginning of the Biden Presidency. There were already about 20 million here to begin with. They get free housing, food, medical, cell phones, etc. Want to take a guess who’s paying for all those criminals? Yes, you and I are. The bill will be handed down to our kids and grand kids. Some of those illegals are from places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some are known terrorists, some have been deported before, some are rapists, or murderers. In short you are paying for your enemies to live among us. Border crime is skyrocketing. Do you care?

Yet too many sit quietly and believe things will work themselves out. They won’t because these things, among others, are a directed plan to destroy America. These people don’t care about you, your kids, or those grand kids. In fact, they want you all dead. I know it’s hard to believe, but as more comes out about the Covid vaccines, and the harm they are doing to millions of people here, and around the world, the more obvious it becomes that this wasn’t a vaccine, it was a poison to kill some of us off. Don’t believe me? Look up SADS. More and more vaccinated people under age 40 are dying due to heart complications. The only thing most have in common is that they took the Covid Vaccines. The Govt is not your friend, were you one of the people who allowed themselves to be coerced into taking that Vaccine? Millions were, and only now are the short term side effects beginning to be seen, who knows what long term effects will be?

There are other things which are in the works to destroy America, as well as other Western countries around the world. All you see here is happening all around the Western World. In our case we have a President who was installed in Office by cheating Democrats, fraudulent voting machines, and mail in ballots. A man who couldn’t even Campaign, but hid in his basement was elected. More and more evidence is coming out proving that there was organized voter fraud in almost every state. Don’t believe me, watch the 2,000 Mules documentary. Why didn’t Congress do its due diligence when the election was first questioned? Why? Many if not all were in on it, and that will be proven beyond a shadow of doubt. Sadly the Biden regime, comprised of idiots, leftists, America haters, and deviants will have had plenty of time to harm America and her citizens.