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Military Corruption

Are you aware that our Military has been weakened by our current Administration? Our National Security is at stake. On New Years day 2024, a group of over 200 Active Duty, and Retired Military Men and Women wrote an open letter to we citizens and those in charge of the Military today. By doing this, they’ve painted targets on their backs, just as the Founding Fathers did when they signed the Declaration of Independence. These men and women are not seeking anything but accountability of those in charge at the Pentagon.

You may ask what corruption, what accountability? It is simple, are you aware that over 8,000 people were discharged from our Armed Services for refusing to take the Covid Vaccine? That may seem a small number to you, but that’s 8,000 less standing guard over our Nation, and we were pretty lean on numbers to begin with.


The military leadership broke the law by trampling on Constitutional Rights. They did so by ordering Servicemen to take an experimental shot, they denied those men and women informed consent, they permitted unwilling medical experimentation on all our Military members, then they suppressed the free exercise of religion for those who objected due to religious reasons. Our Nation & its Service members were harmed by these actions.


The leadership has yet to do anything to repair the damage this forced Vaccination has caused. Yes like we civilians, there is vaccine damage to the military who were forced to illegally take the vaccine, so the damage is ongoing. These leaders betrayed the Military and we citizens. This action caused irreparable damage to our Armed Forces. How much and for how long we don’t yet know. As stated above, those in charge have done nothing to fix what they’ve done. Imagine your job required you to manage the well being of your workforce, and you impose an illegal requirement on them, and 1,000s say no to it. You fire them. Imagine as well that those who did give in to the mandates now find out they are having medical issues due to your mandate. In the civilian world you would be fired for your illegal and immoral actions. In the Military it is customary that you resign for your incompetence or failure. None of the Leadership has done so! Additionally there are civilians who are complicit as well, The Senior Executive Service who are civilians who work creating process and strategies hand in hand with the Pentagon.

What can you do

Those 200+ brave souls who sent that letter have created a petition to gather civilian opinion. This is important to you personally, and to our Nation. The open letter is posted here, and an option to sign the petition if you agree with the letter. Please go to this site, read the single page letter, and if you feel like me it is something we should all support, sign their petition.

Troy Galebach

Willow Springs