Today’s World


Dear Editor,

Since Joe Biden was installed as President, things in our Country have gone progressively down hill. I can’t express the sadness I am feeling at this moment. You might ask why I feel this way. I am furious that our Nation has been hijacked by the Biden Administration and our Congress! You might think that is just rhetoric because I’m a staunch Conservative. I wish it were rhetoric, but it isn’t! Here are the reasons why!

When I was a young man, I was proud to serve in our Navy. Our main adversary was the U.S.S.R., it was a Communist Country. It had rigged elections, show trials, political prisoners, gulags, two tiered justice systems, Pravda (A State run News organization), and little freedom for its citizens. Their citizens had little to no input to how they were governed.

It’s been 46 years since I Served this Nation in Uniform, and I see my Govt. has instituted or condones the following: rigged elections, show trials, political prisoners, gulags, two tiered justice systems, and News organizations which Broadcast only the Government storyline. We have less freedom today than Americans enjoyed 46 years ago! You might ask how this can be, I know I do.

Couple the items above with what follows.

Our Southern Border is wide open, Biden’s Administration has opened a floodgate and up to 10 million people from all over the world have rushed into our Nation with little or no verification. Some will be terrorists, others will transport fentanyl and other drugs. Fentanyl overdoses killed ~100,000 Americans in the past 12 months or so. Oh, and you and your children, and their children will be supporting those 10 million illegal aliens for decades! It could cost us 451 billion dollars annually!

Consider that there are 3 wars going on because of the Biden Administration, Ukraine and Russia, Israel and Hamas, and now the Houthis in Yemen attacking world shipping in the Red Sea. We’ve sent over 100 billion dollars to Ukraine plus given them advanced weapon systems. We are talking about sending billions more to them. Israel will get aid, but not nearly so much. What we’ll spend in the Middle East because of the Houthis, who knows? This while we have homeless Vets living on the streets in our Nation.

Our future as a Nation will be impacted by our Schools, we are falling behind other countries in the World, particularly in Math & Science. I’ll just leave it at that, it’s a crime when our children can’t get the best education in the world. I’m sure we spend more per student than those small countries who are leaving us behind.

Ask yourself why the House and Senate are not doing anything about protecting our Nation from the invasion Biden encouraged? Ask why they are still talking about sending Ukraine more money? When will they quit the show, and do their jobs?

There’s not enough room for more.

Troy Galebach

Willow Springs