Today’s World

March 15, 2021

President Biden and his Administration have done more harm to our Nation and we Citizens in their short time in Office, than even I could have imagined. The sad thing is that it will only become worse. Here are two examples of what each tax payer will experience.

  1. The Keystone Pipeline has been destroyed by Executive Order. This means that oil which was to flow from Canada to Texas refineries will have to be moved by Truck or Rail to those refineries, if at all. It wouldn’t surprise me greatly if this Administration snubs our Northern neighbors, and purchases oil from the Middle East or Russia. Either of these choices will mean one thing to you. Your gasoline and diesel bills are going to be much larger. That’s money you won’t be using for savings accounts, buying a house or property, taking that dream vacation, or buying that new car you need. That isn’t the end of it though, every item, EVERY ITEM you purchase will cost more. Your heating bills will go up, so will your electric bills, because every energy sector will be affected by shutting down energy projects on Federal lands. Did I mention that tens of thousands of people have already lost their jobs and will likely have to rely on Govt. support? I wonder, who will really be paying for that?

Part of the Biden Administration’s rationale is that the Pipeline could have negative environmental impacts from spills etc, and it will take away investment in Green Energy. Laughably no matter where this oil comes from, there will be more CO2 released by trains, trucks, and ships than the pipeline, and more spills will occur as well. Perhaps the Biden Administration doesn’t care if we don’t have enough petroleum for our winter heating, think Texas.

  1. A second Biden policy is allowing what amounts to unlimited illegal immigration. Three months into his Administration, and there is already a crisis on our southern border! Illegals are flooding into our Nation. Stopping the work on the Border Fence was insane, especially when his Administration more or less threw out the Welcome mat for the illegal invaders.

While it’s great for the Democrat Party who will get their votes (Bill HR-1 will allow everyone to vote with no voter ID), and the illegals who get free housing, health care, and education for their children, it is terrible for we taxpayers. Remember the Government doesn’t have any money of its own, those are OUR tax dollars! We have run in deficit mode for so long, the average citizen doesn’t even care, that’s because they don’t think about the fact that sooner or later we have to PAY IT BACK WITH INTEREST! Oh maybe not you, but your children and grandkids will have to do it! All the while you and they will have to compete with the illegals, their kids, and grandkids for jobs. It’s about time EVERY CITIZEN remembers that “Charity begins at home!” I only wish these two items were the end of this Administration’s insanity, they aren’t!