Today’s World

My recent contribution to waking my community residents up. Too many actually believe the President ought to be ousted. I wrote this to my local paper.

Dear Editor,

Loren Robinson’s response to my Letter to the Editor of Jan 8th, compels me to more clearly state the intent of my remark about our President defining U.S. Foreign Policy. All Presidents do this using the Power of the Executive Branch, but with Congressional & Senate oversight, sometimes…

I’ll point out that the order of succession to the Office of President (established in 1947), is Vice President, Speaker of the House, President pro tempore of the Senate, and then Secretary of State. Note that the Secretary of State is appointed by the President, and is 4th in line to succeed the President should the unthinkable happen.

Loren is quite right in the points written pertaining to the Constitution, but fails to consider that the President appoints a Cabinet, and Ambassadors. Does anyone believe that these appointees are in disagreement with the President who appoints them? Those Ambassadors are the face of our Nation to the other countries around the world; the President is their boss.

Another thing to consider is that the President is our nation’s top diplomat, he was elected by the citizens of our Nation to be our Representative to other nations, as well as to represent “We the People” domestically. Part of his job is to meet with foreign leaders to seek solutions to pressing issues between their nation and ours. Yes, he is mandated to obtain Congressional & Senate oversight for Treaties, declaring war, and other important issues, but not all possible issues are covered by the language in the Constitution. Not everything requires a Treaty.

During our nation’s history, Presidents have also made international “agreements” through congressional-executive agreements (CEAs) that are ratified with only a simple majority (not a two thirds vote) from both houses of Congress, or a President alone may make a sole-executive agreement.

The Supreme Court of the United States have considered both congressional-executive (CEAs) and sole-executive agreements to be valid, and they have been common throughout American history.

Our Federal Government is too large, it becomes involved where it shouldn’t, and ignores things which it could do something about to benefit we citizens. Why do we ship billions of dollars in aid to countries around the world who hate us? Why do we spend 130 billion a year on illegal aliens who take resources which should be going to the people who are citizens? Why do we allow our citizens to be victims of people who are here illegally? These things are problems which most in Congress don’t want to address. Domestic and Foreign issues on which our elected officials have failed us. Yet what a President, doing his job for all Americans, says on a phone call to a foreign leader becomes the focus of far too many citizens who really aren’t paying attention other than listening to the 6pm News. Loren is thinking, and that is why I responded.

I’ll close with what I feel is the worst example of how Presidents determine Foreign Policy. Even though Congress is the only body which can formally declare war, our Military have been dying across the world my entire life; I’m 70 years old. Any time we vote, we should be informed; our votes have consequences.


Troy Galebach