Today’s World

My recent contribution to waking my community residents up. Too many actually believe the President ought to be ousted. I wrote this to my local paper.

Dear Editor,

Well the Impeachment nonsense went about the way I thought it would, and I don’t claim to be a prophet. That said, I have serious doubts about the viability of our Republic over the next 20 years, let alone its continuance for another 100 years. Part of what made our Nation great was the willingness of we citizens to live under the rules of our Constitution and obey our Federal Laws. Most citizens throughout our history have had that mindset. That made it possible for Congress and the Senate to work with a President to do what was best for our country. That doesn’t mean that everyone had the same opinions; they didn’t, and some bitter contests were fought during our history. The most costly in terms of lives lost, and best known example, is the Civil War. Despite making war upon each other, we managed to preserve the Union, but the price was terrible and it took many decades to heal our country. Some would say the healing isn’t complete, but I would differ because we will always have a small percentage of the population which will try to agitate and divide in order to advance their own personal agendas.

What we’ve seen played out in Congress the last three years was totally avoidable and totally partisan. This Nation became great because our ancestors were rugged individualists and each accepted responsibility for their own well being and fortune. They didn’t expect that the Government would give them things other than what was stated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. They accepted that, and embraced that concept. It used to be a matter of pride to not be dependent upon others for your survival and well being. That self reliant attitude has, for about half of us, been replaced by a sense of entitlement. Today far too many people feel entitled and demand that the Government take care of them at the taxpayer’s expense.

So the Democrats spend 45 million dollars of our money pursuing a bogus impeachment of a President they don’t like, they hate him. If you didn’t watch the State of the Union Address, then you missed the part where at the end of the speech, the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi tore up the People’s copy of the Address, a signed Government Document which was to go to the National Archives. This by the way is a Federal offense, and she will be charged in some manner for breaking the law. The Dems by the way are already talking about other investigations into our President which have as much merit as their first attempt to prove wrong doing. Again, wasting time on partisan hate instead of doing work for “We the People”. The party of JFK is as dead as he is, and the Democrat Party has been hijacked by Communist/Socialist extremists who only seek to gain the power to control we citizens, and dictate how we will live. How do they do this? Why it’s simple, they promise free health care, free college education, free income to all, and a list of other free stuff. The only problem is that nothing is free, and it is the taxpayer bears the burden of these free programs. Government has continuously grown more greedy in taking from the rich and distributing to the poor. Sounds nice if you are poor, but not so nice if you are the hard working self reliant woman or man working 40, 50, or 80 hours a week trying to achieve the American Dream. It is hard work to be successful and prosperous, more work than many are willing to do. That is what about half of our population today is seeking to avoid, the responsibility to earn their living, and not be a burden upon others.

Meanwhile our Government sends billions in foreign aid to countries who are my enemies, and yours, writing bills to pander to a small percentage of American Citizens who are dissatisfied with some facet of our country, spending hundreds of billions of dollars on illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be here, all on the taxpayer’s dime, while American citizens suffer. Helping the deserving is a good thing, but far to many are not deserving, just lazy. After all if you wasted your Public funded education, who is at fault? Not to put too fine a point on it, your parents are, you are, and the school system is. Parents need to make their children’s education a major priority, their children need to study hard, and the public school system needs to teach what a child needs to learn to be a productive member of society. That would be reading, writing, history, civics, math, chemistry, physics, and other hard sciences. The coursework needs to be rigorous and not designed to make Dick and Jane feel good about themselves. Everyone needs to know that they aren’t the smartest person in the room just because their Mom and Dad told them so. I often wasn’t the smartest person, and most of the people I’ve known during my life weren’t the smartest one in the room. We all have different gifts, and not all are equally smart. Instead of setting unrealistic expectations in our children, we should let them know these facts so that they will be able to maximize their potential when they move out and become independent members of society. That begins with an education which teaches truth, and sets high expectations for the student.

I know I’ve rambled a bit in this message, but it is vital to our Nation that we take care of our own citizens first, and that means providing superior education to our children, with realistic measurements of their achievement. They need to understand that it is entirely up to them to determine what their future holds. Parents need to remember that we all are mortal, and that we won’t always be there to support those children. We need to take responsibility to ensure they are as well equipped as we can make them, so they can have a good life. As a parting thought, America is special, it is the best country in the world for the majority of its citizens. We need for our children to understand that, and not be seduced by slick talking Politicians who have shown they see nothing special about this Nation and promise free stuff to their Constituents for their votes. These are the roots of the Impeachment, brought on by voter envy, greed, and ignorance. Citizens voting unwisely for their own gain, not the Nation’s. So as JFK said: “ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”