Today’s World

Destroying America

Anyone paying the slightest attention to our current political landscape knows that the upcoming Presidential Election is different than any we’ve ever seen. We’ve had the Media bombarding us with nonsense 24 hours a day, for over 4 years now. Sadly, this is for the most part, propaganda.

If you haven’t been paying attention, our FBI, NSA, DOJ, and our Congress & Senate, have been unfaithful to our Nation, and we Citizens. The Media are in the tank for the Leftists, spewing propaganda instead of honestly reporting facts. Frankly, I’m tired of it! Hillary was supposed to win the last election, and the party who lost that election is neck deep in corruption, aided and abetted by some of the party who won. We know for a fact that a President legally elected by our laws has had an ongoing coup trying to discredit, and remove him from office. Over 4 years of lies, obstruction, and outright criminal activity by many in Government, and its Institutions, have divided our Nation. Wake up folks, they are still trying to steal elections, and turn we citizens into wage slaves. Have we seen any of the people responsible for this standing before a Judge? Have you noticed how long it is taking to bring the facts to light? I’ve held Top Secret Clearances in my life, and had I done what Hillary and her staff did, I’d still be in prison. That is a fact! Yet we are all distracted by the shiny collusion lie initiated by the Democrats and spread by the Main Stream Media. That lie by the way has been debunked, but yet no one is standing before a Judge and Jury. Why? If the Congress & Senate can’t bring these people before a Judge & Jury, who can?

This Mail in voting nonsense is just another attempt by a shadow Government to discredit another election. Now why would they do that? They don’t like President Trump because he is not a member of the “Government Good Old Boy Club”, and they don’t control him. Mark my words, the results of the upcoming Election will be questioned no matter who wins and this will only divide the Nation more. It almost seems to be designed to achieve that result doesn’t it?

If you are happy with more than a handful of elected officials in DC, then I suggest you aren’t paying attention. I trust this President; I trust very few of the Ruling Elite in DC other than Trump. Riots, murders, drugs, illegals, and haters of our Nation are running our Educational Systems, but that’s okay. How did this happen? Well, not enough of us were paying attention, not enough of us were voting to keep America, too many were voting for free stuff, and feel good programs. As it stands, I don’t trust half my fellow citizens either, they aren’t Partisans, they just don’t care enough to protect the Country that so many died or bled to protect. Please Vote wisely, and in person. The America our forefathers gave to us is at stake.