We relocated to Missouri after spending 30 years in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Many things drove our exit from Minnesota, but the three primary ones were taxes, weather, and Muslim immigrants who will continue to cause issues in that area. As an example, we own 20 acres of land here, a nice 2,600 sq.ft home, with a 3 car garage, and a barn. Our taxes are less than $1000 per year, that is a combination of Real Estate tax, and personal property tax. As to weather, we are generally 10 to 15 degrees warmer here in the winter, and large amounts of snow are the exception.  We are surrounded by Nature and wildlife.  Animals we’ve see include Deer, Turkey, Bobcat,  Raccoon, Possum, Squirrels, Rabbits, Eagles, Hawks, Turtles, Lizards, Snakes, and the one I hate the Armadillo who digs holes in our yard every night.  We have Black Bear, and Cougars, but have seen neither, which is fine with us.

A recent picture of us seemed appropriate, so Betty and I just took one today. It isn’t the best photograph we’ve ever taken, but after more than 47 years together, I still think we make a great looking couple. I’ll admit I am prejudiced though.










Since moving here, I’ve become involved with the American Legion. I speak at the Town Cemetery each Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day to honor our Veterans who have sacrificed so much to ensure that our Nation endures. Here is a picture of me speaking last Veteran’s day. Normally out of a population of 1,200, we get 100 to 120 folks show up to hear me speak. I also have spoken to our High School students, and participate in 4th of July celebrations in the town.











Part of living on a substantial bit of land is the ability to have flower beds, and gardens. We’ve tried all kinds of flowers, and vegetables in our garden, and have benefited from the color and food that has gone on our table. Here are a few pictures showing some of our successes. We have had some failures to be honest!



















































We have many beautiful and entertaining birds here, and make sure they are well fed so they continue to sing and add color to the surrounding lawn and hedge areas. Here are a few of our feathered friends when they sat still for a moment.









Humming Birds









Winter Birds



















Red Sunflower










My Sister Jackie & her husband David being introduced to the Kubota 3200 tractor. You wouldn’t believe the amount of work a 32hp tractor can do in a day unless you have one of your own. Jackie and David were visiting, and I decided Jackie needed to learn to drive the tractor. David looked on, while Jackie became an expert!










Jackie and David Kohr

Below is a picture of the dumber younger brother that I never had.  He’s a good man, and has a wonderful wife,  she’s the brains of the outfit.  I tell Tony that every chance I get,  and that his wife Cindy is the nicest adult in the family. (she’s the only one).  Tony is better than a natural brother,  we don’t have to argue about who’s getting the inheritance!









My Friends Tony & Cindy Glaser and their kids Preston and Sophie


No list would be complete without our Blue Heeler “Buddy”.  He’s quite the handful, and we never would have bought a dog, but Buddy showed up one day looking sad and lost.  Even though I advertised in the local News, his owner never came forward.   He’s protective, and too full of energy.  I keep telling myself he’ll slow down next year…..why do we lie to ourselves?










You know God has a wonderful sense of humor.  My favorite example is giving women higher pitched voices, then causing men to lose the ability to hear higher frequencies as they age.  We all know of this, right?  Well he played a good one on me, I decided to learn to Watercolor, and was learning and growing as an artist.  I figured I’d have a hobby when I was old and decrepit.  Funny thing, I got palsy in my right arm, so I have no control of brush or paint.  That hobby has been shelved!  One simple example which I liked is posted below.  Not a masterpiece, but a reminder that none of us should look too far ahead! LOL